AMI's Jared Munch Paddle Boards to Tip of Arctic Ocean

Join us in welcoming Jared, Marine Civil Engineer, to the AMI team!

Jared was awarded “Expedition of the Year” in 2015 by SUP Magazine for being the only person to circumnavigate Lake Superior via paddle board- 1,300 miles over 50 days and raised $3,500 for at-risk youth. He also stand-up paddle boarded from Duluth to the southernmost tip of the Arctic Ocean last summer- 920 miles over 37 days all while raising money for at-risk youth!

Jared is a University of Minnesota-Duluth grad who recently completed his Master's in civil Engineering. Outside of work he enjoys whitewater kayaking, skiing and biking, as well as adventurous trips surfing 

Again, WELCOME Jared! We are excited to have you on board!

Jared is a UMD graduate who recently completed his Master’s in Civil Engineering this fall. Outside of work he enjoys surfing on Lake Superior, stand-up paddle boarding, whitewater kayaking, skiing and biking.