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Kingston, Jamaica

· 124-meter existing dock facility

· Expansion of dock facility to 225


· Pre-stressed concrete piling &

  critical dock surface

· 200,000 cy of dredging

· Hurricane Category 5 Zone

· High Seismic Zone

· Grain receiving & processing


AMI Consulting Engineers, PA (AMI) was contacted by Seaboard Corporation (Seaboard) to perform site assessment, assist with preliminary planning, prepare improvement cost estimates and determine critical site improvements needed at an existing dock at the Nutramix facility located in Kingston, Jamaica.  AMI provided a general assessment of the existing dock conditions, compared existing design drawings with as-built/on-site conditions, documented and assessed existing dock components & accessories for safe berthing and mooring, reviewed Seaboard future site improvement & expansion plans as well as existing channel dredge depths/widths for access to the dock by incoming vessels. Vessel parameters required a 9.5-meter draft and 750-foot berth for receiving incoming vessels.

The existing Nutramix dock is constructed with a combination of pre-stressed rectangular concrete piles continuously placed along the harbor and square                   pre-stressed anchor piles. A concrete cast-in-place pile cap was poured over the front precast sections.  Small pile caps were poured over the rear square piles and struts were added, connecting the front wall to the anchor piles.  The deck panels were set over the pile caps and covered with 3 to 4 inches of reinforced concrete. The site was backfilled with granular and large stone fill, called River Shingle Fill.  Since there is no back retaining structure, the front wall is retaining the soil at a natural angle of repose back to the anchor pile cap.  The dock had an older bollard style present on the dock surface.  Reduced bollard capacity was estimated due to the heavy pitting under the coated surface and age of the bollard.  The fenders along the front face of the dock were a combination of old tires and Bridgestone DA800H arch fenders.

AMI met with key entities in Jamaica to determine answers to logistical concerns over the expansion of the facility. AMI also met with regulatory agencies and the Port Authority to discuss dredging requirements and schedules, as well as local contractors to get cost estimates and input on local cost for construction and improvements to the existing facility.  All information collected through the study was presented to Seaboard Corporation in a detailed report that would later be referenced in a larger comprehensive site expansion study.