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Superior, WI
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· Old Wood / Concrete Docks

· New Steel Sheet Piling

· Debris Removal

· State Submerged Land Lease

· Heavy Lift Dockage

· Open Water Reclamation

· Winter ice operations

AMI Consulting Engineers, PA was selected to design and prepare drawings & specifications for new steel sheet pile dock structures to replace existing turn-of-the-century construction for three areas at the Fraser Shipyard facility. All phases of this project had significant challenges due to the existence of old crib, Wakefield and other failing docks, dolphin structures and dry docks, and the use of the facility during the beginning and end of the shipping season when ice and cold create difficult shipping and mooring situations. These structures were designed for heavy lift capacity utilizing steel sheet piling, heavy wale, H-pile and sheet pile anchor walls. AMI had to design unique anchoring and fender systems to maintain proper alignment for the docks, mooring and berthing of vessels into the shipyard. AMI had arranged for DNR and ACOE permits for the entire project, including the preparation of submerged land leases, the new bulkhead lines, dock walls and grading. AMI performed hydrographic dredge surveys for all slips in Howards Pocket Bay area and has been involved in the preparation for future dredge plans. AMI arranged for the large area filling of open water and the mitigation process of buying open water credits. AMI was also uniquely qualified to perform the project management during construction due to its knowledge of the site and the obstacles for which the contractor would have to overcome. The first phase of this project was a Wisconsin State DOT Grant funded project and the second part of this project was completed with a federal shipyard grant.  Phase III of the project is also a Wisconsin Harbor DOT Grant project. AMI assisted both the city and state in the successful completion of the Grant applications for Fraser shipyards and has provided all construction observation. AMI performed these services over the past 10 years for the City of Superior and the State of Wisconsin. Phase I was completed in 2011, Phase II in 2014 and Phase III in 2016.