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Minneapolis, MN
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· 2145 feet of Dock Wall Rehabilitation

·Steel Sheet Pile and Concrete Dock Walls

· Fast Current and Sedimentation

· Barge Uploading Facility

· Massive Sink Hole Failures

Located on the Mississippi River, the Great Western Dock has supported a wide variety of river and dock business over its lifetime. Currently, the Great Western Dock is being utilized for metal recycling and salt transfer. The dock is currently being leased by NMR from the St. Paul Port Authority. Due to significant and massive sink holes causing safety risk and concerns for heavy equipment and personnel, AMI was brought in to assess the sink holes and design repairs to prevent the sink holes from continuing. After completing a thorough investigation and analysis, AMI was able to determine the sources for the sink holes and identified other critical areas where repairs are replacement would be necessary. Estimates for the repairs, additional study, and recommendations for the areas of compete rehabilitation were presented to the client.

After review of all documents, the client agreed to proceed with the recommendations made by AMI’s engineering staff and design repairs for the 1545 feet of existing sheet pile dock and design a complete rehabilitation for 600 feet of concrete relieving platform dock. The final designs included the repairs of existing tie backs and wale system. Repairs to cracks and damage to sheet pile walls, repairs or steel sheet pile cap, design of a unique sealing system to prevent sink hole losses, design of a new sheet pile wall structural repair and facing system along the original concrete section. Additional engineering and modifications to the existing barge pulling system was necessary to accommodate the new sheet pile wall changes and correct parts of the system was necessary to accommodate the new sheet pile wall changes and correct parts of the system that were causing damage to the existing sheet pile walls. AMI prepared all construction documents and specification to be utilized by the Port Authority and owner for bidding and grant application.