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Knife River, MN
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· Scenic Lookout

· Permanent Erosion Control

· 225’ of Shoreline Stabilization

· Access to Shoreline

AMI Consulting Engineers (AMI) performed engineering design, civil survey, soils analysis and permitting along the Lake Superior Shoreline in Knife River, MN.  This shoreline was previously a failing clay bluff that was over time being washed away into Lake Superior due to wave action and high lake levels causing shoreline erosion.  AMI performed preliminary assessments, site surveys, geotechnical engineering and coastal engineering to provide a final designed plan to stabilize the clay bluffs and provide shoreline protection from Lake Superior waves and storm events.  AMI provided complete permitting, construction oversight and SWPP compliance and reporting.  This property’s shoreline surveyed the most recent significant storm event with almost no damage, which is a testament to sound engineering and planning.

The project included the remove of all woody debris in the slope area, creation of a 3:1 slope with a 2:1 rip rap armament slope, creation of a flat gathering area per owner’s needs, construction of a walking trail down to the lake with no more than 4:1 slopes, stone stairs to access the beach and natural Minnesota deep rooting vegetation to stabilize and cover the entire construction disturbance area.

AMI assisted with the construction management, bid processing and field inspections, including Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) inspections to limit erosion and sediment entering Lake Superior, and to confirm adherence to the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency’s (MPCA) Stormwater permit.