Duluth, MN

· Connected Canal Park to Bayfront Park, linking city trail system

· Provided safe loading platform for cruise vessels

· Improved public safety along the dockwall

·Multi-functional dockwall design for events

·New bike path and boardwalks

This project included the rehabilitation of a historic 1865 Minnesota Slip and Harbor dockwall which are home to the William A. Irvin, Vista Cruises and waterfront boardwalks that host millions of tourists annually.  As the Project Manager, AMI took the lead to address issues along the 2,500 linear foot dockwall and surrounding public areas. AMI created the presentations and complete 3D renderings for these meetings. AMI worked closely with the City of Duluth, DECC, and current businesses located along the project site to meet the needs of all parties. 
AMI performed emergency investigations and rehabilitation planning for multiple sections of the harbor wall and dockage. During the underwater investigation, serious dockwall decay and failures were found in critical public areas. Public safety and environmental risks, as well as reduced accessibility to Duluth’s waterfront and the historic William A. Irvin, were a result.
With these factors in mind, AMI provided all engineering for the new dockwall structures to replace the old and failing timber dockwall. This design included site renderings, complete plan set and specs, cost estimating, demolition planning, new steel sheet piling, and a tie back system utilizing transfer plug and helical anchors. New bollards and their foundations were also designed to accommodate the facilities needs from vessel traffic, along with the design of a temporary vessel docking platform.
The rehabilitation included a complete environmental investigation of the area, all permitting for the site, electrical utility upgrades for the Irvin and Vista Cruises, corrosion protection and reinforcement panel system, wood boardwalk, asphalt trail, and a concrete gathering space. AMI worked in conjunction with MPCA/EPA/USACE for slip restoration and clean-up.