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Knife River, Minnesota

AMI performed topographic and drone surveys to a residential property that was seeing erosion on one end of their property due to wave induced erosion and poor slope drainage.  Wave and ice forces were calculated using the topographic and local bathymetric data. This data was applied in the design of the armor stone sizing and layout. AMI prepared two slope and shoreline stabilization options and completed all Army Corps of Engineers, DNR, Township, Sanitary District and County permitting upon final selection. Final stabilization drawings, construction drawings and construction estimates for the Owner were provided along with special inspections during the construction of the armor stone revetment The special inspections included photos to document the construction progress and note any errors to be fixed by the contractor. AMI provided design recommendations along the slope using native vegetation to stabilize the slope from water runoff. New 6 ft tall trees were planted along the property line for additional privacy. Native vegetation recommendations included tree and shrub species were provided for additional privacy barriers as well as added strength to the new slope. 


  • Erosion Control
  • Armor Stone Revetments
  • Wave Runup & Overtopping Analysis
  • Analysis of Wave & Ice Forces on Armor Stone
  • Controlled Slope Drainage
  • Neighboring Properties
  • Natrual Fit to Shoreline
  • Protected Native Shrubs and Trees
  • New Tree Plantings
  • Butterfly and Bee Attractant Native Grass and Flowers
  • Construction Documents
  • Construction Estimates
  • Finals Design for Construction


  • Costal Engineering
  • Marine Civil Engineering
  • Permitting
  • Topographic & Field Surveys
  • Drone Survey & Documentation
  • Special Inspections