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Duluth, MN

AMI Consulting Engineers designed an emergency repair for the damaged shoreline behind the Fitgers Complex in Duluth, MN.  The shoreline’s original damage occurred from previous storm events and elevated water levels. Two days into this project, additional erosion, roadway and shoreline damages, and loss of on-site materials occurred as a result of the October 2018 Lake Superior storm. The storm’s repercussions included an additional 50 feet of repairs to the north end of the project.

AMI worked closely with TRC and the City of Duluth on the design, and subsequently engineered additional solutions that regained the structural integrity of the coastal shoreline and revetment succeeding additional site assessments necessary to determine storm damage. This project involved numerous meetings and revisions to accommodate the City’s needs. AMI was responsible for reviewing and submitting the emergency repair permits to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Department of Natural Resources.

A combination of reinforced concrete retaining walls and steel sheet pile cutoff walls were designed due to varying bedrock elevations.  AMI analyzed the local climate conditions and designed the retaining walls for wave and ice impacts and surcharge loading from emergency vehicles. Additionally, new boardwalk was designed as a result of the project’s high-profile location. The boardwalk was designed to closely match the existing boardwalk with the ability to remove it per the Client’s request. The boardwalk and asphalt-paved lakewalk was also widened to accommodate emergency vehicles.


· New Sheet Pile and Concrete Seawall

· Anchoring Seawall to Bedrock

· New Armor Stone Revetment

· New Walkway


· Coastal Engineering

· Marine Civil Engineering

· Structural Engineering

· Permitting

· Land & Marine Survey

· Construction Management

· Landscape Design

This project received project funding from the City of Duluth and FEMA.