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Duluth, MN

· New 76-foot tall steel-canopy

· Box trusses

· Cantilevered winged roof

· City of Duluth landmark

AMI Consulting Engineers key staff, while employed at a previous firm, were responsible for the steel design of this impressive 76-foot tall, City of Duluth landmark.  The structural system incorporated box trusses which provided the support for four large cantilevered winged roofs which provide cover for the stage and equipment during concert events.  Large castellated beams supported the main central roof providing efficient use of material and adding a subtle visual detail to the structure.  The backbone of the structure is the four 72-inch square built up columns consisting of heavy steel plate and rolled angles.  In addition to supporting the roof, the two front columns were designed to carry the loads generated by one 8 foot by 40-foot media platform on each column.