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Traverse City, MI

· Concrete/Earth Dam

· Lamprey Barrier

· Fish Passage

· Steel Sluice Gates

· Wood Stop Logs

AMI Consulting Engineers, PA was contracted by Stanley Consultants to perform an underwater inspection and assessment of all dam elements and invasive species fish ladder barriers.  This included concrete inspection of the main dam structure, steel sluice gate inspections, stop log guide inspections, fish ladder barriers and gates, and spillways.  AMI accomplished these services with its in house engineering commercial dive team. AMI also assisted U.S. Fish and Wildlife construction staff with the removal and replacement of timber stop logs which were original to the dam.  To accomplish the removal of the original stop logs, AMI had to remove 2 to 4 feet of hay heavy sedimentation, rock, and sand that had deposited in front of the stop logs over the life of the dam. AMI also removed anchor pins to the dam, cleaned sill plates, and installed sealant between new stop logs.  On completion of the project, AMI made recommendations for repairs and provided a report summarizing the general condition. During the local work AMI also provided inspection of the dam aprons on the downstream side of the facility.