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Olmsted, Illinois
  • Located on the Ohio River
  • 2,596 Feet of Dam & Spillway
  • Lock Chambers are 110 Feet Wide and 1,200 Feet Long
  • Receives More Tonnage Than Any Other Place in America’s Inland Navigation System

AMI Consulting Engineers, P.A. was selected by the Army Corps of Engineers for its second 3 year IDIQ contract to provide construction phase engineering support for the Olmsted Lock and Dam project located on the Ohio River just upstream of the confluence with the Mississippi River.

AMI’s recent task orders have included construction sequencing and erection plan for the trunnion girder and trunnion girder anchorage; design of a river bottom grading tool and river survey platform feasibility study for use by survey equipment sensitive to vibrations including checking the structure performance against river currents, vortex shedding, etc.

The river bottom grading tool has been extremely effective. It was designed to grade the river bottom in 30 to 50 feet of water and has been able to prepare grade to within 1/2 inch of plan elevation. This tool consists of a 10 foot high by 60 foot long grading blade attached to the crane barge by the 85 foot long steel frame.

AMI's construction and erection plan, for the trunnion girder and trunnion girder anchorage reinforcing and anchorage steel assemblies, was created to maximize the percentage of work performed on land as opposed to on the river. Structural steel frames were integrated into the final reinforcing assembly to facilitate erection of the reinforcing cages and post-tensioning ducts. These steel frames also provided anchorage of the assembly to the inside of the pre-cast concrete pier shell during concrete placement.