Civil Engineering

The AMI civil engineering team is an integral part of various projects from concept through construction. With years of research, analysis and site development experience, AMI is equipped to plan, design and construct a wide array of civil engineering projects. Combining the latest design standards, technology & constructability, AMI continues to provide clients aesthetic designs while minimizing construction costs. Our team develops solutions that maximize efficiency and meet today’s regulations and standards all while maintaining feasibility and project schedules. We always have our client’s best interest in mind, listening and understanding their needs to best turn their vision into reality.

Land Development & Redevelopment

The civil engineering component of redevelopment projects often include demolition, grading, site plan design, utility design, transportation and/or parking, erosion control and many other civil design facets depending on the project. Whether the project priorities are cost reduction or aesthetic enhancements, AMI engineers have the expertise to design for downtown luxury or industrial efficiency.

Stormwater & Erosion

Our designers have experience receiving proposed projects on behalf of regulatory agencies; writing state, municipal and watershed level design criteria and manuals; providing site erosion, stormwater construction and inspection services; creating watershed models; designing low impact development (LID) sites; minimizing stream/lake degradation through BMP design and implementation of strategic locations; and restoring eroded sites.

Wetlands, Permitting & Regulatory Approvals

Some projects will impact existing wetlands, lakes, streams or other sensitive features. Our experience along waterfronts allows us to provide expert guidance and regulatory understanding to a wide variety of projects.

Parks & Trails

Proximity to parks and trails is almost always rated the highest priority for community residents. Our designers have worked with cities, counties, park boards and developers to turn former contaminated sites into habitable spaces or to connect trails to existing amenities. Whether starting fresh or working to revitalize a park or trail system, AMI can maximize the site’s potential.

FEMA & Floodplains

As waterfront design specialists, we have experience providing the technical and permitting assistance to obtain floodplain amendments, Letter of Map Amendments (LOMA) or Revisions (LOMR). Waterfront projects and watershed studies often necessitate the creation of hydrologic and hydraulic models to assess the impacts of bridge crossings, floodplain fill, culvert replacement or watershed changes due to development or other impacts which AMI can provide for clients.

Bridge & Culvert Design

In addition to designing the structural portion of bridges or culverts, experienced designers also size the opening to make sure flooding impacts of new or reconstructed structures meet FEMA and local requirements for hydraulic design. Our engineers review existing structures for scour, erosion and bank failures and designing solutions.

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