We believe in environmental stewardship and strive for environmental solutions that consider budget and schedule constraints. We identify project liabilities, opportunities and design innovative outcomes for both our client and the environment. Our expert environmental team are thoughtful, candid, and creative professional s that put service above all else. 

"AMI’s environmental team was instrumental in helping us negotiate a favorable purchase agreement and obtain regulatory assurances for a recent industrial facility purchase."
-- Jeff Foster, Railroad Street Properties

Environmental Due Diligence

Seasoned buyers of real estate take due diligence seriously. AMI will help you identify the liabilities and opportunities associated with the known and potential environmental conditions at a property. We will quantify your risk and coach you through environmental contract negotiations to get the best deal possible.

Compliance & Permitting

AMI understands environmental regulations and how they affect each phase of your project. We know that securing a permit that is tailored to your project is essential to maintain your operating schedule and maximize profit. We have experience monitoring in-field conditions and proactively working ahead to prevent costly delays. We have been there before and can help you navigate through the regulatory requirements and mitigate your project risks.

Surface Water & Sediment Assessments

AMI has marine engineers and divers, a vibratory sampling rig, and environmental staff that are passionate about water and sediment projects. We even built our corporate office on the shore of the Duluth-Superior Harbor so we can operate out of our own marina. Let’s sit down and discuss an assessment program that fits your budget and technical needs.

Environmental & Nepa Reviews

Projects that require public environmental review put you squarely in the public eye. Allow us to help you achieve project approval by thoughtful pre-project planning and siting, preparation of concise environmental review documents, and organized coordination of stakeholder involvement.

Hazardous Material Cleaning & Remediation

AMI maintains a large number of staff with 40-hour HAZWOPER certifications who are supported by technical and safety experts as well as equipment operators. We can both prepare and implement work plans related to spills, legacy soil or sediment contamination, mold & methamphetamine contaminated housing and other hazardous contaminants. Additionally, excavation services can be provided by our sister company Nordic Group who is a service disabled veteran-owned company.

Brownfield & Real Estate Development

Brownfield projects can be unpredictable even after a substantial amount of environmental assessment. Projects with State and Federal funding sources are often further complicated by additional public reviews and scheduling. Get AMI involved in your project early and we can remove much of the risk, engineer solutions to solve those Brownfield challenges, and stretch your budget further than expected.

Stormwater Plans (NPDES / SWPPP)

Stormwater regulations have been expanded to provide additional protections to our valuable surface water resources. AMI will design your construction or industrial storm water pollution prevention plan (SWPPP) to be effective, feasible, and flexible. Then, AMI will work closely with you and provide on-site training and inspection so your storm water program will remain in compliance.

Methamphetamine Remediation

AMI's proprietary remediation process follows State and Federal guidelines to solve contamination problems. We use certified equipment and cleaners to efficiently address both surface and air contamination in as little as one week. Our experts work with you to design innovative and cost-effective solutions ranging from simple cleaning and sealing to demolition.

Lead & Asbestos Inspections

Exposure to deteriorating asbestos and lead can cause severe health problems. AMI can reduce the risk to exposure by conducting inspections prior to material-disturbing activities. Our extensive experience with residential and large commercial properties allow our staff to tailor inspections to project needs. We identify, characterize and quantify sources of lead and asbestos hazards then recommend remedial action plans to bring the property back to a usable state.

Fire & Water Restoration

AMI's trained restoration team is ready to tackle all fire and water damage needs to properly return any property back to its original condition. Our team is quick to identify structural and environmental hazards and follow OSHA's cleaning requirements. We work to create a remediation plan that is safe, innovative and cost-effective for all damage needs.