Waterfronts & Marinas

AMI offers clients a complete package of professional engineers, engineer-divers, highly qualified technicians and state-of-the-art equipment to accomplish any marine civil engineering project, inspection and investigation. Our understanding and strong passion of public process, planning, cost-effective design, construction and repair compliments every engineering service, surpassing our clients’ expectations time and time again.

Marina Facility Planning & Design

AMI’s focus is to create a vibrant and profitable leisure destination with long-term commercial viability for our clients. We create value by helping marinas maximize their commercial potential at any stage in the facility lifecycle. Our team of marine specialists offer services and advice on all aspects of marina and waterfront property development including master planning, comprehensive and complete design, project management, market analysis, scientific and environmental planning, health and safety, mooring, turning, berthing and efficiency studies, as well as cost estimating, public planning and stakeholder charrette.

Boat Launch & Water Craft Access

Boat launches and water craft access developments serve multiple groups of people with different needs and types of watercraft. Public and private boat launches for power and sail boats need to be robust, low maintenance, easily accessible and require trailer parking; while canoe, kayak and paddle boards can utilize little or no dockage, short ramps and many times prefer zero entry access. A key factor for any waterfront space is location. The more diverse a waterfront is, the more it will appeal to different groups of visitors.

Recreational Piers & Public Terminals

AMI’s engineering specialists help ensure the sustainable use and protection of piers and marine structures. Our engineers, planners, scientists and policy experts are skilled in the areas of fishing piers, coastal structures, beaches and supporting amenities. AMI specializes in the design, permitting and construction of piers and other marine structures. Our pier and marine structural engineering waterfront improvement services are comprehensive and include the preparation of structural assessments, repair plans, master plans, permitting, bathymetric and hydrographic surveying, computer modeling and construction documents.

Permitting, Wetland, Marsh & Open Water Mitigation

Regulations concerning stream, harbors, lakes, marsh and wetland areas are constantly changing and vary widely from state to state. AMI has consulted on many types of projects ranging from simple maintenance dredging permits to complex Brownfield redevelopment projects. When planning activities in, around, or over waters of the U.S., it is advised that you contact an environmental consultant knowledgeable in the regulations for your area prior to starting your project. Once site plans have been compiled and appropriate avoidance and minimization steps have been taken, proposed impacts to Waters of the U.S. typically require Section 401 and Section 404 permits. AMI can aid in obtaining the appropriate permits and avoid costly delays and penalties.

Urban Waterfront & Redevelopment Planning

AMI excels in complex urban challenges, parks and waterfront development, as well as projects ranging from transient marina designs to city master waterfront plans. AMI can provide complete services on both Greenfield and Brownfield sites. AMI provides successful planning that includes public input from all stakeholders.

Shore-side Public Amenities

Private and public amenities set the stage for a memorable guest experience which can be personalized and authentic. In order to be authentic to the destination where they are located, marinas and public amenities have to physically capture the sense of place and can convey the culture and heritage through. Waterfront area amenities, as part of the destination, should merge with the surrounding yet provide a functional purpose to the user.

Hydrographic Survey & Imaging

AMI utilizes state of the art equipment for all type underwater imaging, soundings, sub bottom profiling, structure identification and location services in difficult environments. Services are provided utilizing our research vessels and barges in both shallow and deep water environments. Services are performed in fresh and salt water environments in river, harbor, wetland and industrial settings. Primary services included pre and post bathymetric surveys for dredge planning, general underwater side scan imagery to locate underwater objects, sector scan imaging for detailed underwater identification and as built survey, along with other investigation systems and tools.

Coastal Engineering & Scientific Services

AMI provides a wide array of coastal engineering and scientific services from initial field investigations and data gathering through shoreline and coastal wave process modeling. This work is accomplished with the use of state-of-the-art software, scientific tools and experienced staff that understand coastal problems and the natural environments in which structures are built. AMI provides cost-effective solutions to mitigate the effects on new and existing structures. Our proven track record with complex projects in the cold regions of the Great Lakes, U.S. River Systems, Coastal and Caribbean markets is a testament to our overall capabilities in completing difficult and unique projects.