Marine Civil Engineering - Industrial Waterfront

With a team of professional engineers, engineer-divers and highly qualified technicians, all with years of experience in the development of marine civil engineering projects, AMI offers clients a complete package. With our state-of the-art equipment and unique services, AMI is at the forefront of marine civil engineering projects that are diverse in nature in both topside and underwater environments throughout the U.S. and abroad.

Ports, Harbors & Marine Terminals

AMI’s core specialty is in maritime planning and engineering. AMI has played a major role in the evolution of the modern ports in regional, national and international markets with projects located in the fresh waters of the Great Lakes and inland rivers, and the salt waters of the U.S. Coastal and Caribbean markets. AMI is recognized for providing innovative solutions to the port and maritime industry. We offer services that include the study, planning, inspection, assessment, repair and complete design of new and existing facilities. We service markets involved in the storage and processing of bulk materials, containerization, heavy lift, transshipment and liquid transfer. Our experts are thoroughly knowledgeable of today’s complex design and environmental regulations.

Dams & Hydro

AMI has a wealth of experience in the evaluation and construction of improvements to existing earthen, rock fill, gravity dams, wing walls, aprons and scour protection structures. We take a measured approach to gather information needed by completing a full review of available project documents, comparison of applicable record drawings and historical design standards. We provide underwater and topside assessments, imaging, geotechnical and hydraulic investigations and material testing. We also provide remedial action recommendations and designs to correct structures that are degraded or do not meet current FERC or other design criteria and safety standards. Our team provides the practical and timely professional services to complete your project.

River Terminal & Bulk Handling

Our inland river systems connect our country to the Great Lakes and International market place. AMI specializes in the maritime planning and engineering of river and bulk transfer terminals from road, rail, barge and ship transfer. AMI provides a variety of services including initial feasibility studies, environmental assessments, hydraulic analysis, economic analysis, planning, mooring cell and dolphin design, program management and construction support. Additional design support for the material handling of bulk and liquid materials, storage planning, rail design, vessel maneuvering, drainage, stormwater, dredging & disposal planning.

Municipal, Industrial & Mining Services

AMI’s staff supports our mining, industrial and municipal engineers with marine civil engineering services. Our services in heavy mining and industry include the design and modifications of settling and fire water ponds; mining pit hydrographic survey and imaging; water reclaim, pump house and intake screen designs; piping designs and assessment; and inspections using remotely operated vehicle (ROV). Our municipal services include the inspections, assessments and designs of potable water and contaminated reservoirs both above and below the ground, tunnels and water intake structures.

Waterfront Inspection Services

AMI staff offer topside and underwater inspections of all waterfront structure types. Our engineers and technicians utilize state of the art equipment to perform both topside and underwater inspections. Certified engineer commercial divers allow us to go where most companies never imagine. Our staff performs detailed inspections ensuring our clients have a complete understanding of the structure and infrastructure that support their industry.

Bridge, Culvert & Tunnel

AMI has teamed with companies to provide turnkey design build solutions for private, municipal, state and federal bridges, culverts and tunnels. Our team of engineers, designers and suppliers can support projects with single and multiple spans made from concrete, steel and composite materials. All our designs meet AASHTO, State DOT and Federal requirements. Applications include vehicular, railroads, pedestrian trails, bike trails, golf courses and more. We focus on designing aesthetically pleasing structures that are both practical and cost efficient.

Construction & Permitting Services

One of the most overlooked services to ensure projects are completed according to the designs of the engineer and owner, is construction project management. AMI performs complete management services that include bidding, award, construction coordination, contract writing, construction schedules, pay application measurement and approvals, daily inspections, reporting, material testing, product approvals and contract closeout. AMI offers complete permitting services for all aspects of the marine industry. Our knowledge of the permitting systems include the DNR, EPA, ACOE, Fish and Wildlife, SHPO, submerged land leases and open water mitigation.

Hydrographic Survey & Dredge Planning

Included in our inspection arsenal is a complete line of underwater and topside imaging equipment. Our underwater imaging includes single and multi-beam bathymetric surveys, processed with HYPACK software to produce complete underwater mapping for general design, dredge planning and payment. AMI performs side scan sonar and sector scan imaging to create underwater pictures of structures, debris fields, and impact damage. The sonar can also be utilized to find and salvage sunken objects. Sub-bottom profiling and magnetometer surveys are two other water-based services AMI can supply. Topside, AMI can utilize laser scanning to create detailed images and layouts of structures.