Structural Engineering

The AMI structural team is passionate about structural engineering and will be apparent from the first time you talk to us. We pride ourselves on providing practical and personal services to bring your visions to life. We are problem solvers who can create practical, safe and cost effective solutions. When you are passionate about your work, excellence is a natural byproduct. When designers have construction experience, practical, cost effective and schedule friendly designs are consistently generated. Our staff thinks critically and creatively, and can work independently and cooperatively. Our staff has the ability to adapt to rapid or major changes, a desire for lifelong learning, the highest ethical standards, and excellent communication skills. We believe in providing services that make our clients lives easier, by being proactive in everything we do during every step of the project.

Commercial Buildings

Every building project starts with the need for a solid visual concept, budget and design. When stakeholders invest in a new building project or the remediation of an existing space, completing the project within budget is critical to its success. Selecting the right consultant team is the first step in the process to ensure overall success. The AMI team has a proven track record of successful projects throughout the U.S. Using the latest technology and software, AMI staff creates cost effective designs that are both innovative and energy efficient while capturing the unique visons and needs of the client. AMI is involved in every stage of the project, helping all team members through the process. Whether you require a turnkey design build solution or want to be involved in all aspects of the project through construction, our AMI team is here for you.

Industrial Structures

Many of the experts at AMI have worked in the heavy industrial, agricultural and mining markets they now serve, giving them a unique perspective to assist on industrial projects. When you manage an industrial facility, you need consultants who understand your challenges. The AMI staff approach each project with creative solutions to your most difficult problems. Structural inspections are a critical part of facility maintenance to avoid costly downtime through early detection of problems. The AMI engineering and technical staff are highly trained inspectors with many specialty certifications to ensure projects are completed correctly.


When trying to solve any problem, identifying the primary root cause is priority. When structural distress is observed, you need solutions and answers. Providing the right solution can often depend on understanding why the problem first developed. During inspections or when a total or partial collapse occurs, the need for a thorough forensic assessment and analysis is critical to identify the cause so proper remedial measures may be completed. The proper design for reinforcement of distressed and replacement of failed structures, rely on the complete understanding of why something is failing. The AMI staff has a critical understanding and knowledge of load path tracking, extensive understanding of materials, products, structures and component failures. AMI has top structural engineers who can represent clients to determine causes of failures, represent clients in a court of law or other judicial forums including insurance settlements.

Lifting, Shoring & Safety

AMI has an extensive background in the layout, design and assessment of lifting devices, creation of lifting plans, design, assessment/testing of man baskets and the design of other specialty bracing, shoring and safety devices. The AMI engineers and safety personnel can quickly assess, make recommendations or design all devices needed for your commercial, industrial and mining projects during all phases of construction and operation. Our staff has a thorough knowledge of the safety design regulations along with a practical knowledge of the field environments in which the equipment must be utilized. The combination of this general knowledge and practical experience ensure devices will perform in the rigorous field and industrial environments in which they are exposed, while providing safe operations for the workers. AMI utilizes state-of-the- art analysis software to ensure designs are efficient and cost effective while still meeting the factor of safety requirements for safe operations. Providing testing, load rating and certification of each device is a key final service to put into operation. Our staff is efficient and practical with every design.

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